A Methodical Approach to Progress

To make progress against our DEI objectives, we work within a three-part continuous cycle to inform our overall strategy and to tackle specific opportunities:

  • Assessment: Where are we? What are our results from specific actions?
  • Aspirations: Where do we want to be? What do we want to achieve?
  • Action: What do we need to continue to do or do differently?

To drive results out of our continuous cycle, we have designed holistic systems to facilitate long-run institutionalized change. Our approach is based on four pillars:

  1. Leadership Commitment & Accountability – Establish formal Board governance responsibility, corporate CEO and senior executive goals and compensation linkages, with similar goals and linkages for our agencies’ CEOs.
  2. Infrastructure ­­– Create organizational, technological and talent resources for progress, such as our CEO Diversity Council, employee Business Resource Groups, HRIS and analytics technology, with a corporate DEI Group that is well staffed and resourced to support.
  3. Policies and practices – Apply a ‘diversity’ lens to our policies and business operations to ensure consideration of potential effects on our talent and the work we produce for clients.  Through our CEOs’ high priority objectives and programs from the center, we guide our corporate group and agencies to implement targeted activities. These include fair and effective people processes, promoting safe and inclusive workplaces through education, communications and accountability, building "Diversity IQ" for teamwork and leadership through training, ensuring awareness of opportunities and sensitivities related to diversity amongst consumers.
  4. Dashboard – Measure outcomes of specific activities and trends over time.  We use a range of measures, aligned with our strategy, including workforce diversity, relative mobility of various groups, and the perceptions of employees. Measures for specific activities are tailored to the activities’ specific goals.